Year 1

Watercolor Deck

Orange Black White, Painting 14. Fire & Light. Gratitude & Interconnectedness. Creativity & Transcendence. Moderation mastered lets you stay true to your cosmic dance.

Yellow Black White, Painting 21. Sun & Light. Yes & Interconnectness. Power & Transcendence. Self-determination at its furthest leads back to the collective soup. You rule, but what is hierarchy?

Green Black White, Painting 28. Leaves & Light. Family & Interconnectedness. Love & Transcendence. Self, partner, family, community, human, earthling: how do you love when you dissolve your Me?

Blue Black White, Painting 35. Water & Light. Communication & Interconnectedness. Expression & Transcendence. More space for water in the atmosphere, each droplet shooting prisms of light. Are those rainbows sacred or sinister?

Purple Black White, Painting 42. Sky & Light. Mindfulness & Interconnectedness. Intuition & Transcendence. One and all, for once and for all. It’s not a dream.

Blood. Fire. Sun. Leaves. Water. Sky. Light.
Survival. Creativity. Power. Love. Expression. Intuition. Transcendence.
Life. Gratitude. Yes. Family. Communication. Mindfulness. Interconnectedness.

Color offers a divinatory framework that is more immediately open and accessible than oracle systems that use fixed archetypes, with meanings that can extend beyond any one set of interpretations.

Drawing cards from multiple decks before each painting session, the imagery in this series is partially inspired by the major arcana of the Tarot. Consulting this fundamental symbol set provided a point of departure in creating new meanings for the color combinations.